About Me


  Like other web sites I could write that I dream about cock or play with myself all day,but that would be bullshit. I could write what industry markerters say I should write in order to suck people in but that's not me.


  I grew up in the north east and had hard working suburban parents,Mom and step Dad although I didn't think of him that way. I don't know my real father but I had a structured happy childhood. Currently residing in the south east.
  I graduated high school and knew I wanted to work with animals.
Worked a few decent jobs until I got in with a Veterinary clinic.
Now I have 12yrs experience as a Vet technician in day practice and emergency,I love it. I work 38-44 hours a week and take in dogs that later get placed in good homes. I have 3 dogs that are mine,a bearded dragon and a ball python.


   I'd have to say my favorite activity is the beach although difficult to do with my tattoos. Lots of strategic sunblock. Hiking or mountain biking offroad is also a favorite. No fishing or hunting but I do like to shoot the guns.
Shopping......I know you guys just rolled your eyes at me.
Bowling and darts! Concerts and the occasional electronic music event. I like most music but a few favorite bands would be In this Moment and Evanescence. Breaks,Trance,Dubstep,some Trap,and a little Glitch Hop,ohh yea!
Of course,tv and my couch are never left out.


  So my life is pretty normal like everyone else. I work,pay bills and live for the moments we have on this earth.